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    Energy Freedom
    The i2 Self-Powered Furnace.
    Energy Freedom One Step At a Time.
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    iGEN i2 - Ever thought of having Energy Security at home?
    It all starts with the i2 furnace. The i2 offers you the Energy Security you need,
    along with accepting a flexible range of distributed generation components;
    we are talking solar panels, wind generation, and battery storage.


Built in Canada for the North American market. The i2 replaces your existing furnace or slides right into a new home. It looks, sounds and feels like a traditional furnace. With no special installation or maintenance requirements, the i2 is rated for up to a 15 year working life.



The i2 is the first of several Energy Security products to come from iGEN. The i2 allows your home to have a fully autonomous mechanical plant. What's that? With the i2 being a direct replacement to a standard furnace, that's one half covered. The other half is your water heater, which directly plugs into the i2, and in the event of a power outage your home will maintain heat and hot water until utilities are restored. A new level of peace of mind!



Dependable heat for your entire home at a fraction of the operating cost, with critical power supply during a power outage; boasting an overall efficiency that beats out all other furnaces. Think of it this way, for every dollar of natural gas or propane you burn, the i2 converts 95% of this into usable energy. No need to buy expensive grid power anymore to run your mechanical plant.

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What are home owners concerned with?

  • Rising electricity costs
  • Loss of heat and the damage to buildings it creates
  • Critical power availability during a utility grid outage

Since reliable and affordable power supply can no longer be taken for granted, a change from traditional furnace technology was key.

Traditional furnace requirements.
  • Fuel #1 - An electrical connection to run the controller, supply and exhaust fans, along with ancillary components like a humidifier or air cleaner. Every time a traditional furnace operates to heat a home, this electricity connection is utilized and power must be purchased from the electric utility at the given retail price.
  • Fuel #2 - Natural gas or propane which is utilized as a source of heating energy; not in the case of all-electric furnaces. The i2 is designed for the more popular gas furnace market.

The i2? It's fundamentally different - requiring only one fuel!!!

Burning natural gas or propane from the gas utility, electricity savings will be realized since no electrical connection is required. All electrical power required is made on-site, through the burning of lower cost gas; an evolution that brings a new dimension to the home furnace.

In the event of a grid outage, the i2 operates with no interruption, providing both heat and critical electrical power - enough critical power to run a hot water tank, cell phone charger, small LED lights, and internet connection.

No exotic technology on board.

iGEN’s i2 furnace is highly efficient and cost effective, yet similar enough to today’s furnace technology to not be considered exotic. Featuring a similar look and feel to today’s high efficiency furnace, the i2 fits into a traditional furnace location, providing heat through standard ductwork. It requires no extra connections or installation cost, plus is installed and serviced by traditional technicians.

What is my bottom line?

The i2 generates enough power to run itself while providing up to 400 Watts of extra power to be used within the household under normal operation or as critical power during utility grid failures. The i2 provides a newfound energy freedom and operational security, while offering savings on utility costs – based on average Canadian electricity costs, typical savings are up to $400 annually. The cost of the i2 will be 20 to 30% more than a standard furnace installation.

Renewable energy on your mind?

Considering connecting renewable energy to your home? The i2 provides a plug & play interface for solar panels, wind technology, along with batteries, creating a distributed generation system. The goal of iGEN is to offer Energy Freedom to end-users through elegant and practical means. All this will be controlled through a smart controller – capable of internet connectivity for real-time user dashboard. End-users will be able to generate their own electricity, store it, and utilize this on-site for an affordable capital cost.

Why Us?

The commercially available i2 will truly be a forward thinking appliance that is in essence a fundamentally better and more capable furnace; one that stands on its own. It reserves this right, since traditional furnace technology has demonstrated a very slow development curve when compared to other high tech industries, like automotive, mobile electronics, or software. In the past 5 years for example, standard furnace technology offers very little innovation or capability to interface with future smart grid trends. Also, as other products in the micro combined heat and power space are positioned to be very capable, there is no other affordable product on the market that is built for the North American market first and foremost.

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